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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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career, destroy his future chances for higher appointment. >> those word destroyed me. the system not being [ indiscernible ] the dean's career meant ruining mine. >> reporter: she claims steele told her that choudhury could still be on staff because he didn't violate the faculty code of conduct. >> it felt like sort of a breadcrumb trail of solutions and it was like okay, let's feed her a little bit of this and see if that will satisfy her. i feel like everything, the situation i'm in, to get any kind of relief, i advocated and fought for myself. >> reporter: about an hour ago, choudhury released a statement saying that he is taking an indefinite leave of absence as dean and that he disagrees with tyann's claims and that he will defend himself against them. back to you. >> now, cate, if he admitted
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to the university that he did hug and kiss her, how come today he says he disagrees with her allegations? >> reporter: well, that is right. he did admit to that but said he didn't mean that sexually. when we called his office to try to get him to talk to us on camera, they said he was not available for comment. >> thank you. this isn't the first time sexual harassment allegations have been brought against a uc- berkeley dean. in 2002 another dean resigned after a former student accused him of molesting her after a night of the drinking. new at 5:00, a long-time mountain view police dispatcher claims she has repeatedly been subjected to sexually explicit banter, lewd jokes and nudity while on the job. the "mercury news" reports the 38-year-old woman, annie loehmann, is singling out current police chief max bosele in a lawsuit filed monday in santa clara county. she says he did nothing to
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stop the alleged harassment and, quote, actively encouraged it. the city manager said recently while investigating claims made by an employee the city of mountain view learned of past behavior by some police department employees that was inconsistent with the standards we expect from our employees. he says the city can't comment further because the matter is subject to spending litigation. but he goes on to say the department is implementing additional training for all police staff on appropriate conduct. new surveillance video of the man wanted for killing on a bart train. the suspected gunman highlighted there on the right side of the screen. kpix 5's joe vazquez on our best look yet at the suspect and joe, why the video is just being made public now? >> reporter: the police here, the bart police, are very frustrated. they haven't been able to identify the suspect at the
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pittsburg-bay point station. the video shows man police believe is the murderer who killed a fellow passenger on january 9. he is walking through a bart station sometime before the murder. >> we know someone in the bay area knows this man. we want to close this case and put him behind bars. >> reporter: here he is again in slow motion. he has a very distinct springy gait. his let's jut outward then back forward -- his legs jut outward and then bart forward. >> extremely rare for something this violent to happen on a bart car in front of so many people. we want to make sure we bring justice to this case that the bay area riders can feel confident that when they are riding the train, something is not going to happen. this is something that's so very rare, that's why it's so important that we catch this guy. >> reporter: the new video also shows another unusual characteristic, the suspect's pants look to be tucked into some can construction boot. the suspect is thought to have shot 19-year-old carlos romero several times on a train
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stopped at the west oakland bart station. earlier police released this photo of the suspect but it's been months and so far, no arrests. bart police released the still pictures. they were hoping that would make a difference. they said they didn't want to release video because they believed somehow that would jeopardize their investigation. now they want the public to take another look so people can call with an identification. reporting live from oakland, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. we are getting our first look inside the ace train that jumped the tracks and crashed into the alameda creek. the accident happened monday during the evening commute. a mud slide covered the tracks and knocked the train off course. kpix 5's juliette goodrich got a chance to look inside the train cars. >> reporter: we did get our first look inside that ace train staying here at the fremont yard. now it's headed to stockton to a maintenance yard to see if it
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will ever be back in service again. it's hard to believe this lead car derailed and was sent plunging down a steep canyon with its passengers holding on for dear life inside. because we're near an active train track this is as close as we can get to this ace train but you can see some of the damage inside the lead car. hardened mud, dirt and debris fill the inside of the lead car along with glass from shattered windows. six passengers were in the front along with the engineer who had only seconds to react to a mud slide. >> there's a lot of weight behind that engineer. they don't stop on a dime. >> reporter: the train engineer and conductor on the niles canyon railway, the railway runs through the canyon parallel to union pacific's rail lines. he says they send out inspection trains first thing in the morning and there are no guarantees. >> just the nature of the beast with a narrow canyon like this and steep hillsides with lots
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of rocks and mud and the weather. we just, um, do our best to make sure everything is safe. >> reporter: the second ace car also derailed but remained upright. three more cars behind including the locomotive stayed on the tracks. kent stays makes sense why passengers reported feeling two sudden jolts on the ace train before it derailed. >> probably the first one was the engineer putting the train into emergency or applying full train brakes to try to stop as soon as he could and then probably the second jolt was the train actually running into the mud slide. that's my guess. not being there, i can't say that for sure. >> reporter: investigators say it will take time to get this train up and running again with a full load of passengers, if at all. and again, kent in my story is a conductor on a different train line but he does travel through that niles canyon for years so he gave us some perspective on what "could have" happened. as for the engineer on the ace train he is still recovering along with four other passengers who had serious
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injuries. amazing they all survived. in fremont, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> we'll have much more on the derailment tonight at 6:00. we were on board one of the first trains back in service since the accident. what happened as we passed through the derailment zone? taking live look now towards mount diablo after some scattered showers today a lot more rain is coming to the bay area. a flash flood watch is about to go into effect. let's check in with kpix 5's chief meteorologist paul deanno with the latest. >> it's not just the flash flood watch for tomorrow. it's tomorrow, friday, saturday and sunday. flash flooding is possible especially tomorrow and friday but lasting into the weekend. heavy rainfall is likely. flooding is possible. the likeliest place to see flooding is small streams, creeks and urban flooding anything with pavement on it. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar right now dry. we saw scattered showers in the east bay hills, orinda, san ramon with showers. we have seen nearly half inch
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of rain in the north bay mountains, quarter inch for mill valley 1/7th of one inch. in northern california, areas to the south and west of mount shasta may receive double-digit rainfall between now and monday. but the south bay here in the bay area places like fremont and san jose, may only get one inch of rainfall. that's a huge difference over not that much real estate and here it is played out in real time. futurecast tomorrow morning it is raining heavily in sonoma county marin county and napa county but it may even be sunny tomorrow morning in san jose. we'll talk more about the rainfall disparity, how much rain to expect and when we'll see a drier pattern coming up. >> thank you. scary moments for tourists on board a san francisco cable car. a viewer sent us this photo of that cable car. this is moments after it slammed into the back of that garbage truck. it happened about 9:30 this morning on mason and jackson street. that's on the powell mason
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line. four people had minor injuries. the collision did stop cable car service on three lines for about three hours. a federal civil rights lawsuit filed against san francisco police officers is now in the hands of the jury. the case involves the deadly shooting of alex nieto. this morning, the eight-person jury heard closing arguments from both sides. the lawsuit alleges is excessive use of force by four officers who confronted the 28- year-old at a park in bernal height in 2014. the city attorney says the officers had no choice but to shoot nieto after he pointed a taser at them. members of the public paying their respects to former first lady nancy reagan in southern california. a motorcade carrying her body arrived at the reagan library in simi valley this morning. eight secret service agents who served the reagans over the years were the pallbearers. a small ceremony was held for family and friends before the public viewing. let me give you a live look now at the reagan library where her
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body will lie in repose until tomorrow evening. they will she will be buried on friday next to her husband former president ronald reagan. nancy reagan died sunday of congestive heart failure at the age of 94 years old. caught on video an accident involving a google self-driving car. >> reaction from a surprised bus driver and the software google decided they needed to tweak. >> animal cruelty in the bay area. how vets are helping more than a dozen dogs. >> and a major setback for a woman who was just celebrated for a medical breakthrough.
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new video shows the moment a google self- driving s-u-v collided with a public bus. it happened on valentine's , not far from google's mountn view c new video shows a self- driving car colliding with a public bus. it happened on valentine's day not far from google's mountain view campus. kpix 5's mike sugerman on whether this is going to throw google's plans off track. mike? >> reporter: probably not, allen. you know, you see these things all the time driving around
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mountain view south bay. we saw one couple of hours ago driving down el camino and maybe in the future there will be a plaque where i'm standing at el camino and castro street: this spot is where the first accident occurred caused by a self-driving car! now we have a better idea of exactly how it happened. a lot of eyes were raised in the world's first known car accident caused by a car without a driver including the guy it hit. it was back on february 14th and this video just released by the santa clara transit agency. here's what the report says, the white lexus google suv was driving southbound down el camino wanted to turn right at castro but this storm drain had lots of sandbags around it more than the ones here now. the suv stopped. then it went a bit into the left lane where this bus was driving. it was going 15 miles an hour. the car two miles an hour.
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it bumped the bus causing damage mostly to the car and no injuries to the passengers. >> these cars have driven millions of miles and so it doesn't surprise me that with that many miles, there could be an accident or two. >> reporter: larry magid is an technology answer for cbs news. google reported that when the suv continued after it stopped, it expected it had given the bus enough time to slow and let it in. so too, reports google, did the human test driver sitting in the car. both human and machine were wrong. >> accidents can happen and machines can fail. software is glitchy. there can be hacks and bugs. >> reporter: google reported the accident with the dmv as it must under current regulations. there are no laws on the books yet because this is all so new. >> but bottom line, i trust google's computers more than i trust most drivers. >> reporter: google say it has reviewed the accident and made what it calls refinements to its software saying in a report, buses and other large vehicles are less likely to yield to us than other types of
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vehicles. google would not do an interview with us about the accident. so reports show that google has driven self-driving cars about a million miles after half a million in california and that 13 times a test driver had to take over to avoid an accident but again this was the only time it was the self-driving car's fault. in mountain view, mike sugerman, kpix 5. dogs found caged inside a moving truck. coming up the rescue effort and the new push to give one of them a second chance. >> why it's about to become much harder to buy gift cards. ,,,,,,
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(baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering)
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to keep it pumping. charges after police made a discovery. new at 5:00 a bay point couple is facing animal cruelty charges after police made a horrifying discovery! officers found 19 starving neglected dogs locked up in the back of their u-haul truck. the animals were rescued and are now recovering at contra costa county medical services. when they were found, reports say three or four dogs were crammed into one crate. the u-haul had no air circulation and the conditions were highly unsanitary. all of those dogs are now up for adoption. just days after doctors were celebrating the surgery, now we're learning the nation's
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first uterus transplant failed. a 26-year-old woman got it last month and was recovering well but doctors at the cleveland clinic say she experienced a sudden complication and they had to remove it yesterday. the hospital is trying to figure out what went wrong but plans to continue its clinical trials. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are about to face off in their latest debate. it comes less than 24 hours after bernie sanders pulled off the biggest upset of the primary season. marlie hall on that and how donald trump is tightening his grip on the race. >> reporter: donald trump is showing broad appeal with republican voters as he piles up election victories and delegates. >> the single biggest story in politics today, it's what's happening at the booth. >> reporter: trump picked up 58 more delegates after winning in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. ted cruz won in idaho picking up 45 delegates. gregory is an associate professor of political science at the university of miami. he says florida should be good
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to trump and hillary clinton. >> florida has a lot of older voters. and a lot of nonwhite voters. and so it's sort of good territory for hillary clinton. >> reporter: he says bernie sanders will probably do well in tonight's debate. but it still won't be enough to overtake clinton in the sunshine state. marlie hall, cbs news, miami. >> well, former republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is endorsing ted cruz. the announcement came today during a cruz campaign stop in miami. fiorina said she voted for the texas senator in last week's virginia primary. and jeb bush appears to be leading an effort to stop donald trump! the former florida governor is meeting privately over the next few days with the other three republican presidential hopefuls. but he has no plans to meet with donald trump. bush has yet to endorse any of his former rivals. there's an investigation into whether san jose is misusing money from a water treatment plant. a group of agencies is
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demanding the city turn over all public records. they are concerned san jose is take the money it gets from hundreds of thousands of ratepayers and diverting the funds to city projects. >> hundreds of millions of dollars is at stake here. the treatment plan master plan calls for $2.1 billion in upgrades over the next 20 years. >> the complaint comes from the various agencies that represent customers in the south bay. they say the city has admitted to overcharging them already am we haven't heard back from san jose about the complaints. new at 5:00 a highly contentious demolition of pacifica apartments is postponed. the units were yellow-tagged after their cliff foundations start crumbling. el nino storms chipped way at the seawall leaving some of the units hanging over the edge. well, now demolition crews say the weather is too unruly for the teardown. they worry materials could fall into the ocean. so the project is tentatively delayed until early next week.
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blame the weather guy. >> right. >> i can offer this. the weather will be less unruly next week. we're actually -- this time next week we are going to be dry again. so let's squeeze every drop of rain we can get out of the next couple of days. you want 6" of rainfall? we have that in the forecast. do you want only 1" of rainfall? we have that in the forecast for the same storm. that's how wide the rainfall disparity is going to be here in the bay area. right now, kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar showing the rain way off to our north and west but it will get here in short order and after midnight tonight it will be pouring in the north bay. it has been pouring in far northern california which perhaps is even more important than what happens around here. shasta lake has increased its water level 35% in the past two months. january 9 it was at 33% full. it's currently at 68% full. i would not be surprised at all if we don't hit 80% by the end of the next week if that's how much it will rain in the north
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part of california over the next couple of days. right now we are in the 50s and 60s. concord 59. san jose 70. currently 66. oakland livermore in the low 60s with mainly cloudy skies. mild night tonight obviously some rain moving in. we stay mild when that happens. fremont 53. san francisco 56. san jose tonight 54 degrees. so we have a tropical moisture plume with its or generals back toward hawaii. you can see it right there played out on our satellite loop just spilling right now into the pacific northwest. it will work its way south over the next 24 hours. but gosh! it really depends on where you are. case in point, 9:00 tomorrow morning, not a drop of rain in san jose. about 5 drops in hayward. but it already will have rained an inch in north sonoma county and 1.5" in mendocino county. let's move it forward. everybody gets rain thursday and friday but the amount varies. by friday morning, by friday at midnight, we are looking at two- thirds of an inch in hayward and redwood city. still only an 8th in san jose but more than 2" for parts of
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the north bay. then the front sweeps through. and the final tally will likely be around an inch for the south bay but three inches for santa rosa and double that when you get to the north bay mountains we'll likely see half foot of rainfall there. so 6 times as much rain in the north bay mountains compared to what we'll see in the santa clara valley. tonight cloudy, sprinkles, tomorrow heavy rain in the north bay. more rain on friday and somewhat unsettled coming up this weekend. cooler tomorrow with that rain. santa rosa is going to pour for you. high of only 60 degrees. so we're wet tomorrow. wet on friday. but much wetter the farther north you go. we are dry saturday. little league games we'll get them in unless you're in the north bay where there will be 20 puddles out there. sunday showers, not heavy, showers sunday and monday. look at next week blinded by that sun on tuesday and wednesday. it's amazing the disparity we are going to see. six times as much rain up north. >> okay. muddy uniforms saturday. >> it will be a muddy mess. all right.
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no longer the most interesting man in the world! why "dos equis" is sending his well known spokesman on a one- way trip to mars. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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in a 24-hour p new rules could change how you buy gift cards. some retailers are now asking for cash or limiting how many you can buy in a 24-hour period. it's because they are responsible for fraudulent purchases. but many still lack the chip enabled card readers for extra protection. the national grocers association says fraudulent gift card purchases cost retailers nearly $4 billion in 2014. man may have invented the wheel but good year is evolving it for the future. they unveiled a new spherical tire design last week in geneva. they are intended for self- driving cars. goodyear says the eagle 360 tires would be able to move in any direction. well, it's last call for the most interesting man in the
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world! "dos equis" announced today that they will be retiring the current face of their campaign, jonathan goldsmith. goldsmith has held the title since 2007. the company says they are just making way for their next most interesting man. don't worry about goldsmith. although i don't know, i kind of worry about him. they are sending him off in style. their new ad features him taking a one-way trip to mars! >> where he will stay thirsty, my friend! we're back after a quick break. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:00 tonight: i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, southern california business a handful of islands in our backyard. the move and hour the future of our water supply is at stake. >> plus, cheap flights to vegas just the beginning. the new service options that could save bay area travelers from a long drive to the airport. we'll have those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. allen, i'll see you then. >> all right. 30 minutes away. thanks. rain's coming. >> tonight it arrives. tomorrow it's going to be pouring in the north bay. if we have time let's get to the weather map and show you the big disparity of rain totals: our computer predicting less than one inch of rain for san jose. everybody will get some but so much more in the north bay. >> we'll be prepared. >> thank you. >> the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next.
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captions by: caption colorado you can expect over the nex >> pelley: deep trouble in the south. floodwaters swallowing everything in their path. >> it's a disaster. i feel sorry for these people. >> pelley: also tonight-- >> there's only one person did well tonight, donald trump. >> pelley: two, actually. bernie sanders pulled off "michigan: impossible." a decorated veteran accused of attempting to murder a pastor has been arrested at the white house. ♪ and the man behind the mania, remembering "the fifth beatle." >> those guys, i fell in love with them, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition.


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